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About Finexpay

Finexpay is a digital deferred payment solution dedicated to B2B commerce or marketplace operators (our "Partners"). Once set up, Finexpay will allow the Buyers ("Buyers") to simply buy now and pay later (e.g., up to 90 days in addition to contractual payment terms) while the sellers ("Merchants") benefit from a guaranteed and immediate payment.

How does it work?

Once a Partner integrates Finexpay as a deferred payment option, Finexpay is available for the Merchants that have been created by the Partner through Finexpay APIs. Obviously, it may well be that the Partner and the Merchant are the same entities (e.g., direct B2B e-commerce websites), in which case the Partner will only need to create its own Merchant account after integrating Finexpay.

Once a Buyer is registered and validated, it will have access to Finexpay as a means of payment at the Partner’s checkout environment for the specific Merchants that have been created by the Partner through Finexpay APIs. By connecting to its Finexpay account with its credentials, the Buyer will then be able to select Finexpay and select among several due date proposals to repay the borrowed amount: 30/ 60 or 90 days after the contractual payment terms. In certain cases, the Partner may select only certain payment terms, in which case the Buyer will only be able to select the payment terms that are available.

Finexpay grants a short term loan to the Buyer so that it may proceed with the payment of its order at the checkout of the Partner. The borrowed amount matching the total order amount (VAT included) is instantaneously paid to the Merchant. The Buyer will then pay back the borrowed amount directly to Finexpay at the selected due date (e.g., up to 90 days in addition to contractual payment terms).

As a Partner, nothing is easier than integrating Finexpay as a means of payment in your checkout process: you simply have to create your Merchant(s) account(s) and initiate a Transaction through Finexpay APIs. A Buyer selecting Finexpay will then be redirected to Finexpay sign-up or sign-in screens to get identified and to validate the Transaction. At the end of the checkout process with Finexpay, the Buyer is automatically redirected on the Partner’s platform while the Partner is notified by our webhook on the Transaction’s status.


User journey

The Buyer is on the Partner’s platform checkout page. If the Merchant has been created by the Partner through Finexpay APIs, the Buyer may then click on the Finexpay payment button and is redirected to the Finexpay platform. Finexpay then processes the risk analysis automatically in order to give a clearance or to refuse to proceed with the Transaction. In the event of a clearance, Finexpay provides the Buyer with the precise set of economics for the Transaction: order amount, selected due date for repayment, and an estimate of Finexpay fees (if any). The Buyer now has all the information required to accept or refuse the Transaction and is redirected to the Partner’s platform. If the Buyer has validated Finexpay as the means of payment, it will receive an email including a recap of the Transaction’s terms and economics.

  • Note: if the Buyer uses Finexpay for the first time, it will have to register and create an account with Finexpay, including standard KYC checks.

  • If the Buyer already has a Finexpay account, it will only have to validate the Transaction.

What do you have to do to use Finexpay?

It’s really easy. A Partner willing to propose Finexpay has to set up a developer account in order to try Finexpay APIs on our sandbox and to access configuration settings such as webhooks, API keys... Each Partner is allocated a specific Product that includes a set of exclusive parameters such as economics of the Transactions or deferred payment options available.

Where Finexpay can operate?

We are operational with Buyers established throughout the European Economic Area regardless of the place of establishment of the Merchants and Partners. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you want to operate in another country.

Our Terms and definitions

  • Partner: a B2B Merchant, commerce, ecommerce or marketplace that wishes to provide a buy now, pay later solution to its professional Buyers. The Partner is the entity that integrates and operates Finexpay APIs.
  • Merchant: a company using the Partner’s platform to provide services or goods to Buyers. A Merchant has to be a registered company or an independent worker. A Merchant has to be onboarded by the Partner in our system to use Finexpay. Occasionally, the Merchant may be the same entity as the Partner.
  • Buyer: an entity using the Partner’s platform to buy services or goods. A Buyer has to be a registered company or an independent worker whose profile is visible in public databases. A Buyer has to be registered and eligible with Finexpay in order to finance its orders.
  • Transaction: a link that redirects the Buyer to Finexpay so it can request a loan to buy its order. A Transaction may be refused by Finexpay if the risk is too high. In some cases, Finexpay cannot assess the risk instantaneously and will request more information from the Buyer.
  • Product: a specific configuration of the Finexpay solution. Each Product is specified according to:
    • a loan type - deferred payment (up to 90 additional days in addition to existing terms) or split payments
    • a loan duration - 30, 60 or 90 days
    • a loan fee structure - who pays the fees between the Partner and/or the Merchant and/or the Buyer

Logic funnel

Finexpay APIs shall be used in the following order:

Create your account

In order to set up your own dedicated Finexpay solution, please contact our customer service by email info@finexpay.com or by phone at +33 9 74 19 05 00. Our team will work with you to tailor your Partner profile through a dedicated Product and sign the relevant cooperation agreement with Finexpay. Remember that it is possible to configure several Products for your platform.

Once agreed in the cooperation agreement entered into with Finexpay, each Product is technically managed by Finexpay: reporting, payment flow management (including invoicing for fees and expenses), and reconciliation of payments. Finexpay can provide dedicated dashboards to Partners, Merchants and Buyers (subject to discussion).

Create the Merchant

First thing, you need to create the Merchant in our system. When created, you will receive a MerchantId. This MerchantId needs to be stored in rthe Partner's system as you will need it to initiate a Transaction and to perform actions with the Merchant. You can always find the MerchantId and other info about your Merchants with :

Upload the bank details

You can select between setting an IBAN at the Partner level (all the Transactions of the Partner will be transferred on the relevant IBAN) or at the Merchant level (the Transactions of the different Merchants will be transferred on their respective IBAN).

  • Upload the IBAN of the Merchant: If you want to set a different IBAN for each Merchant, you will need to use upload the IBAN of the Merchant.

  • Upload the IBAN of the Partner: If you want to set an IBAN for the Partner, you will need to use Update the Partner IBAN.

Initiate a Transaction

When a Buyer clicks on the Finexpay button payment available at the Partner’s checkout, you must first create a Transaction that must include at least the mandatory information required to identify the order and the Merchant (the optional information is specifically identified as such in the Transaction API documentation). Finexpay will then return a link to redirect the Buyer on Finexpay interface (see workflow).

The Buyer is then redirected to Finexpay

Depending on the Product(s) that have been set up by the Partner by integrating Finexpay, the Buyer will be able to select between the different Finexpay payment options offered by the Partner. Please note that the Buyer has to accept or refuse a Transaction within the timeout set when creating a Transaction. If there is no such timeout, the timeout for a Transaction will be the one set at the Partner level (the default timeout is set at 30 minutes).

Notification of the Transaction’s status

The Buyer can decide to accept, refuse or leave the Transaction. Depending on its choice, the Buyer will then be redirected to the callback url that the Partner indicated when creating a Transaction. You will also be notified by a webhook about the Transaction status. If an error occurs when calling your server with our webhook, we will send you an email on a dedicated address. Finexpay has to accept or refuse a Transaction within the validation timeout you set at the Partner level (and if none was defined, the default timeout is set at 48 hours).

Cancel or add a credit note on Transaction

During the lifespan of a Transaction, you may need to cancel it or to grant a credit note to the Buyer. In order to manage these operations, you can cancel or reduce the amount of the relating Transaction during its lifespan. Note that Finexpay payment solutions are technically short-term loans allowing Buyers to finance Transactions, so the commercial risks pertaining to the underling sale of goods and services, with the exception of the insolvency risk attached to the Buyers which is borne by Finexpay for 95% of such risk (the remaining portion remaining with the Merchant), remain borne by the relevant Partner or Merchant, as the case may be. Such commercial risks pertaining to the underlying sale of goods and services include commercial disputes, trade receivable dilutions, fraudulent Transactions, etc.

Risk assessment and management of a Transaction

Finexpay can instantly assess the risk pertaining to a Transaction but, in some rare instances, Finexpay may need more time to validate the Transaction. This can happen, for example, when a Buyer first registers with Finexpay (first connection). In order to comply with AML (anti-money laundering) regulations, Finexpay has to collect the UBOs (Ultimate Beneficial Owners) of the Buyer.

In order to provide the best user experience and facilitate the Buyer registration, Finexpay has developed a unique feature to automatically collect the required documentation. This operation can take up to 24 open hours. Please note that, in order to better fit your checkout process, we can pre-register your Buyers to collect this documentation before their registration (subject to discussion).

Please note that Finexpay services include the following: (i) collecting on short-term loans used to finance Transactions (so that Partners and Merchants are relieved from collecting on payments made through Finexpay), (ii) automatic reconciliation of payments, financings and Transactions, and (iii) transfer to Finexpay of 95% of the insolvency risk attached to the Buyers (the remaining 5% being borne by the relevant Merchant(s)).